Bowling Green State University Career Center & Falcon Outfitters Store

Bowling Green, Ohio

Davis Wince partnered with Bowling Green State University to create a new home for their Career Center and Student Employment departments as well as repackage the campus store into a new footprint. Both projects seek connections with the local and regional communities through the BGSU brand. The design solution creates open and accessible spaces, which promote BGSU culture through innovative and provocative space design solutions.

The BGSU Book Store is currently housed in two floors of the Bowen Thompson Student Union. With increased competition from multiple textbook sources and dropping revenue, Auxiliary Services looks to repurpose the bookstore by outsourcing textbook operations and rebranding and resizing the retail service as the new “Campus Store”. The design reflects the changing need of today’s young retail consumer, meeting the need for color and graphics while increasing the merchandising opportunities within a smaller footprint, twofold. The sales mix alters from one of books to that of technology, sundries, and spirit apparel.

The vacated 2nd Floor of the BGSU Student Union, available as a result of the outsourced textbook operation and shrinking footprint of the Campus Store, leaves room to house an emerging campus need; the Student Career and Student Employment Centers. The Centers, charged with increasing employability of their student population as well as their visibility within the campus and regional communities, look to rebrand their space to reflect their mission while creating a professional work environment suitable to host recruiting companies. Higher space utilization, sharing resources and increasing space allocation to the student population are secondary goals achieved through innovative planning.